[Rejected]Bewerbung zum xtm team

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    Hello Xtm lovely Team <3

    I would like to interduce my self here to become a Ticket English supporter ( Ticket officer )

    My name is Naoufel, My age is 20 i speak 6 languages ( Arabic and french as my main langauges and turkish spanich and english and a liiiittle bit of dtsch )

    I live in the big country in africa Algeria in a cursed city called Jijel with a large sea beach

    I'm a cyber security police worker :)

    I wanted to make the english player got all the help with english answer and i really want to make the players see the server as easy to play ( from the basics ), so that will make them feel happy to keep play on it for long long time :D

    As most know me, i'm friendly.. and helpful and also so so active i am socially can make friends so fast even if with another langauge

    i can play calm and relaxed wich mean give me advantage to make friends and talk to players without nerves

    im a good driver, i play xtreme so much till i can make a lot of hours in a week

    My last word is simple and clear

    I wanna play and have fun and make other feel fun <3

  • //

    Deine Bewerbung wird heute Besprochen, aufgrund der letzten 3 Ausfälle in der Teambesprechung aufgrund privater Dinge (meinem Geburtstag, Xtreme treffen, usw..) konnten wir bisher keine Bewerbungen besprechen.

    Bitte Gedulde dich noch bis heute Abend!


  • [XTM]AiRFr3aK

    Changed the title of the thread from “Bewerbung zum xtm team” to “[Rejected]Bewerbung zum xtm team”.

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